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Is there really a proven way to minimize no shows and cancellations and improve recall?

Definitely. We have found that there are a few specific reasons why certain patients do not keep their appointments, whether the appointments are for new patients or for recall patients. There are several initial actions your personnel can take with the patient that can ensure fewer no shows and cancellations. This will greatly benefit not only the practice but also the patients who keep their appointments on time. Additionally, these actions can turn potential No Shows and Cancellations into Grade A patients.

Is "lack of money" the only reason why more patients do not start and finish their full treatment plan?

Based on survey after survey, it has been found that while the patient will often tell you that "lack of money" is the reason for not going ahead with the full treatment plan, the actual reason is the patient's fear of having the work done. The second underlying reason for not going ahead is the fear of making the wrong decision.

If money is truly the reason, then why do some practices have a much higher percent of full treatment plans getting done month in and month out?

What is said and done with the patient from the first contact with the practice all the way through the exam, treatment presentation and acceptance consultation determines the patient's compliance with the full treatment plan. Some dentists and staff have learned the most effective to do this and some have yet to learn this.

How can I utilize my time, staff and resources more effectively to avoid slumps in income and be more productive?

Our comprehensive program gives you and your staff the professional tools and systems to know what to do and when to do it to prevent the roller coaster effect on your income. You can better understand the real reasons for the slumps and learn how to out-create any slows.

Can I really increase my income by $15,000 to $20,000 a month without working longer, harder or faster?

We assure you that you certainly can. The difference is the type of dentistry you are doing...probably due to many full treatment plans not being completed as they could and should be. Also you and your staff's time and resources need to be optimally utilized. For example, it takes almost the same time to do a 4 surface composite filling as to do a crown. Putting in the better quality crown utilizes the greatest resource in your practice.
You are the most highly trained, skilled and experienced professional in your practice. Your team needs to be built around you so you can do what only you can do. That will result in more completed treatment plans being done.

Can I really maintain outstanding quality of care and still expand productivity in my practice?

Our program will improve the standard of care because patients will receive the needed treatment plans, your soft tissue management will improve and the professionalism from the staff will improve. There will be less confusion and a more of a coordinated team effort.

How can I be a more effective leader in building a high morale team who creates the kind of practice I want?

By first understanding that what you do as a leader, what actions you take on a day-to-day basis is what determines the morale of your team. You are the captain of the ship. You need to have a workable plan for an effective, high morale team. You need to learn the precise steps to take to be a good leader. And equally important, you need to know what actions to avoid that would lead to a low morale, less productive group.

Is there a way to increase quality new patients by implementing specific internal systems?

Most definitely. Creating new patients is not a problem for Turner Management Consultants. Nor does it need to be expensive. Turner Management Systems provides several internal marketing concepts that are inexpensive and effective.

What actions can I take to ensure enough retirement income and income for college funds, etc.?

Turner Management helps dentists keep overhead under control and recommends proven financial planning avenues to reduce your taxable income and increase retirement income and college funds.

Honestly, how different is one consulting company from another and how would I know which is best for me?

There are vast differences between one consulting company and another.
Many consulting companies out there today are former dentists or office managers that have developed systems for their office and then marketed their particular method as though it will work for all other practices. These tend to be "cookie-cutter" approaches and very likely will not fit your practice or your particular management philosophy.
You want a consulting company that has years of experience and one that will do a full on-site evaluation of what you need. Then based on your individual situation, tailor a strategy and application for your specific practice.

Is there any Management Consulting company that guarantees return on investment if their program is standardly implemented?

Actually there is one. Turner Management will make sure you have a full return on investment, if you implement the agreed upon program written for your particular practice. And further, Turner Management will assure you that we will work with you until the agreed upon goals are met.