What We Offer

Turner Management offers programs that are specially designed to handle the organizational and management needs of any size dental practice.
No matter the size of your practice, you'll find a program appropriate to your needs.

What We Offer

Program One

This program involves 3 days of in house implementation and focuses on key systems that will help the smaller office expand to the next level.

Key benefits

This program is designed to implement some basic systems that will take a practice to a new level not yet achieved.
The practice will be prepared to go to the next level and have an exact understanding of what steps to take to do so.
The doctor will be more in control of the practice and be more able to predict and determine his income.

The consultants have years of experience working with dental practices throughout the country and know the basic systems needed to expand a dental practice.

The consultants have attained specific training, apprenticing and certification before they are allowed to work as a consultant.

The consultants are very well trained on communication principles and are able to enlist the staff's cooperation 100%. This results in effective implementation of the program.

Level Two Program

This program is designed for practices that have done our initial introductory program and want to have their staff trained more on the management principles and able to control their areas more.

Key benefits
The doctor and staff will be able to apply basic management principles to their work area and be able to control and predict future production.

All stops and barriers will be detected and handled so that each individual staff and doctor are producing at their full potential.

There will be an increase in staff harmony and a coordinated team effort that will dramatically improve practice efficiency.

The program is structured and presented in a fashion that is easily understood and duplicated by the doctor and staff. The management tools are presented in theory and also used in practical settings so that the staff see and understand how easily the management principles apply.

The consultants are required to have very specific training, certification, and supervision training for the study of these materials by staff.

The consultants have been administering this program for over 15 years and have tremendous success with the delivery, implementation, and results.

Executive Basics

The executive basics program is hard hitting program designed for practices where the doctor is having extreme difficulty confronting handling staff and situations and compromising his goals.

Key benefits
The doctor will improve his ability in confronting his staff and situations and will have improved his communication skills.

The doctor will have a more clear defined picture of his personal goals and goals for the practice.

There will be an increased understanding by the doctor of staff situations and the real underlying causes and be able to handle these to eliminate disagreements and upsets. Personal and professional goals are no longer compromised.

The consultants are extremely capable of understanding staff situations that arise in a professional dental practice, what creates these situations and how they are easily remedied.

They are very well trained in order to coach the doctor to be able handle these situations very professionally.

The consultants have specialized training and have to meet very stringent requirements that specifically address all manner of staff situations and the underlying causes. The consultants have an excellent understanding of people, what motivates them, what barriers they have in their jobs, and what specific actions create conflict.

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